School's Out, Podcast Camp is On!

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Welcome to Podcast Camp! We have three awesome weeks planned for you of storytelling, writing, acting, creating sound effects, and preparing to share your story on stage to be recorded live at the Phipps Center for the Arts. Podcast camp takes place from noon to 3:00 PM from June 10th - 27th, Monday through Thursday. We'll be at the Zephyr Theatre which will be a great space from which to dream, scheme and video conference with super cool LA professionals. Lunch and snacks will be served for all. For those who need transportation, it will be provided. More details on that later in the week. In the meantime, check out these key camp details - and consider all the awesome local and Hollywood people involved!

Local Artists Guide and Encourage

LA Stars Video Conference to Talk to You

Lorin McCraley, ultimate Hollywood villain and nicest man

Years of treading the boards on the stages of LA eventually led to Lorin carving out his own niche on screen as a Hollywood heavy. Arguably one of the few Little League baseball coaches in America whose day job consists of being a serial killer, a wanna-be vampire, and a homicidal cowboy. In addition to his flourishing career as an actor, Lorin has three screenplays in various levels of development. Find out more about Lorin on IMDB.

Executive Producers and Sound Engineers Provide Skills

Big picture

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