Pterois Volitans/Lionfish/The Spine Slayer BY: Annie Miller


  • Stripes (almost like a zebras)
  • Long, pectoral fins
  • About a foot long
  • This criminal does NOT look like something you would want to touch!

Last Seen

This criminal was last seen in the reefs and crevices of the Indo-Pacific waters.
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Suspected Hideouts

Prefers to hideout in the coastal waters of the southeast US and Caribbean. Was introduced to the US by aquarium trade.
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Crimes Committed

This criminal contains venom that can be a threat to humans. Although this venom rarely kills, it will cause extreme pain, nausea, and breathing difficulties. This criminal has a healthy population that prey on small fish and anything else they can get their mouths on. They are hurting the marine environment of the US/Caribbean waters by eating away all the "cleaner" fish, who remove harmful materials off of marine organisms. They are also outbreeding and outliving native fish species.


  • Fish and other marine organisms populations would be saved.
  • Healthier environment for marine organisms because of the living "cleaners".
  • Safe waters for humans to swim in.