united kingdom


Date joined the European union

1973. my country was not founder of the eu my country was not apart Of another country at anytime

We're is United kingdom and what us the flag

United Kingdom is located Western Europe, islands-including the northern one -sixth of islands of Ireland- between the North Atlantic ocean and the north se; north west of France

BRIEF history of flag-blue feild with the Red Cross of Saint George (patron saint of England)

The four major cites in United kingdom are London,Great Britain, Leeds Sheffield



The tourism is the stone hedge Windsor castle,bath,and and medival village of lacock

Tower of London entrance

Thames top-on hop-off river cruise

Geography of United kingdom/physical features-coastlines,Thames river,highlands,lowlands, huge mountains

Government type - constitution monarchy and common wealth realm

Currency type if it's the euro what did they use prior

Yes United kingom used euros and blanknoyes


Interesting facts

1. London,uk has the credit for the first hot chocolate store ever

2. Almost 75% of the land in the U.K. Is taken for farming

3. The British invented the world earliest railway