April 4th-8th

Dear Parents,

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weather over the weekend!

We will beginning Geometry in Math this week. Monday night, flashcards will be sent home with geometry vocabulary words and definitions. Monday’s homework will be to finish the flashcards. The flashcards will be kept in the red folders (in a baggie) to be reviewed at home in class. Please review these flashcards with your child throughout our geometry chapter. Thank you in advance!

Our goal is to get to 2 minutes by the end of the school year for our subtraction math minutes. Students are working on memorizing and mastering facts in a quick manner by completing these math minutes.

Also, it is that time of the year that the kids are running low on glue sticks, some crayons. If your child is in need of either of these supplies, please have them bring some extra in and I will mark them. Thank you.

I hope you all have a great Spring Break!

Week Plans


Students will take the Ch. 22 test about the Eucharist on Tuesday. We will begin Ch. 22, learning about the Altar and the Gospel. The class will also pray the Rosary with Sister Maria Christi on Thursday.


The phonics assessment and spelling test will be on Friday. Students will learn about digraph ey, the rule vc’/v, digraph ph, and soft g this week.


Students will continue studying fact and opinion this week. The class will also present fairy tale plays in groups at the end of the week. Students will work together throughout the week to practice their group’s play in preparation for the presentation.

Spelling words:

off, boy, hiding, turtle, disturb, survive, acorn, Friday, elbow, hurt, many, any

Spelling Sentences:

Curt burned his hand on the hot car.

The burn hurt and felt like fire.

My ca had five kittens on my birthday.

The first ones were girls and the rest boys.


Students will write a friendly letter to a character in their group’s play.

There will be no D.O.L test this week. We will be doing the Word of the Day activity and lesson each morning. They will learn the definition of a new word, write a sentence, draw a picture, write the synonym, antonym, and a sentence using the word. There will be a new word every day and we will learn about synonyms and antonyms. Each day will be a challenge to use that word in their conversation. :)


Students will begin Ch. 7, Geometry. A Check Your Progress will be taken for a grade on Friday. Please review the geometry flashcards with your child throughout the chapter.

Dates and Tests

April 4

Mass- 8 am

April 6

High Frequency Word Test

April 7

Minute 31 taken for a grade

DOL Test #21

April 8

Phonics Assessment

Spelling Test

Check Your Progress

April 11-15

Spring Break

April 22

Noon Dismissal

April 26

The Lord’s Prayer Test

May 9

Mother’s Day Celebration

12:30-1:15 pm

(more information to come)