Life As We Knew It

Miranda Evens

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Miranda and Her Family Survived

Miranda and her family saw the moon come closer to the Earth. That's the day everything changes. Miranda was with her mom and her two brothers. They said that they watched the news and that the whole world seemed had gone crazy. Miranda's mom said that she took her kids out of school and then to the store to stock up on food. They were preparing for the worst. They soon saw that the sky was getting darker and it was getting colder. The found out that it was volcano ash. They said that it was getting hard to breathe and they were worried about the water supply. Keep in mind that they had no electricity and the water came from a well. Soon It got so cold it started to snow. They had to melt snow to get water.They had to to move to the room that had the woodstove in it to keep warm. ''I didn't like the idea of being cooped up all day ''said Miranda. Soon Miranda's family had the flu and Miranda had to take care of them until they were strong enough to take care of themselves. Lucky everybody served the flu in her family. Miranda started to notice that the food supply was getting lower and lower every day. Soon Miranda made the hardest decision. ''I knew I would probably die, but I wanted to have some closure before I go'' said Miranda. Miranda was going into town and then to the post office to see if her dad had written to her, but instead she found a letter saying that the town hall was open. "I didn't know what to think, but I went there any way" said Miranda. When Miranda arrived there they were handing out food. The men that were handing out the food said that each person in my family can have a bag of food. Plus since they were handing out the food last week they get that ration too. ''One of the men took me home to confirm that there were other people in my family'' said Miranda. That is how we survived.

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Book review Life As We Knew It

This book is really good because it makes you think, what if this really happened? What would you do? I thought that the author did a really good job with the book, because I think this could eventually happen. I could not imagine going through this and I am glad that this is not real. I think it would be awful watching people starve and watching them be from diseases. This book kind of puts it in perspective. The author of this book is Susan Beth Pfeffer. >>>>>>