Google Is Searching For You!

The Tables Have Been Turned.

Visual Designers Desired

The all famous Google headquarters in Mountain View, California is in search of visual designers. At minimum we require:
  • BA/BS degree in design or a related field of equivalent practical experience
  • Main essential design skills such as; layout, typography, and color of site/page/app
  • Ability to manipulate visual design to organize information
  • Experience defining design systems
  • English as main language

Annual pay starting at $71,000. Applicants with most experience in designing of webpages and/or apps will be considered with better intentions.

Google Background

At Google, our work environment is shaped to enhance employees complete potential. The happier our employees are, the more efficient their work. When a business, such as Google, is filled with comfortable workers, they are willing to perfect the internet for our customers benefit, This is what makes us so successful.