The Scientific Revolution

Project by katie S.

What was the change?

The Scientific Revolution is one of the most important revolutions because without science, our world would be very different. One can see examples of the heliocentric theory, the laws of gravity and a telescope.

The Scientific Revolution started in the 1550s do to people starting to make discoveries in other parts of Europe.This brought new ideas in physics, math, astronomy, and biology and went against the beliefs of the church. This made people think differently about the universe and how things came to be, and let them have their own ideas on why things were the way they were. This also allowed scientists to use logic and reason to test theories. People of The Renaissance questioned old beliefs like humanism. They started to get back into the concept that humans could do anything. the scientific revolution brought enlightenment. This means that it changed the way political and social scholars thought and it made them reject old and traditional ideas. Then, later on in the Reformation people started to question the Roman Catholic Church. Of course the church did not like that people started to question the teachings and ideas. The church was very against the concept of humanism while the scientists were very much for the concept of humanism. Clearly the scientific revolution made a huge impact of culture back then and in today's society.

Who were the people involved?

There were many important people who made science what it is today and it all stemmed from the geocentric model. The geocentric model was a theory that everything orbited the Earth. The church was in favor of this theory because they thought that God would put the Earth in the center because it is his creation. However, Nicolaus Copernicus,Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Issac Newton began to have theories and proof that went against the geocentric model. The first picture below (document 2) is a picture of the heliocentric theory which is known as the basis for astronomy. In other words, this is the theory that started it all. The second picture (document 3) shows a picture of Galileo and a telescope. Galileo improved the telescope and because of him and his work, we can make observations today. The last picture (document 4) has a picture of Issac newton and some of the things he has proved and created. He is the one who discovered and explained gravity. He figured this out by an apple falling from a tree. this is represented in the picture below.

How is the change evident in today's modern society?

The scientific revolution has influenced our science today as well as our math. The heliocentric theory was what started the Scientific Revolution and without it, we would still think our solar system is geocentric. Because of this theory, people started to make other theories and prove them right. Without this, we wouldn't have the knowledge we have today. One can see that telescopes are still in use. Without Galileo and his improvement of the telescope, we wouldn't have been able to make the discoveries that we did and we wouldn't be able to make any future discoveries about planets. Issac Newton made a difference in our science and math. He is the one who explained gravity and proved it with calculus which we still use today and learn in school. Without these important people and their theories and discoveries, our world would be very ignorant and very different and also not as advanced in technology.