Washing machines

they wash your clothes

a story about making a washing machine

The first washing machines appeared in the 1760's. These were commonly a wooden box that was filled with clothes and rotated by hand. In 1874, William Blackstone invented a machine that used pegs and gears to push clothes through soapy water as a birthday present to his wife. Today, the company he founded still produces washing machines. In 2001 Electrolux introduced Washy Talky, the washing machine that speaks to you with such memorable phrases as "drop the detergent, close the lid and relax."

facts about the washing machine

a late-19th-century compressed-air washing machine, made by Victorian manufacturers Wolter and Echberg. The machine is made of galvanised steel and has a distinctive rocket-like appearance, with a central drum, in which the clothes are washed, consisting of two cone shapes on either end of a cylinder. On the drum are two welded handles and a manual lever. The drum is attached to a four-legged iron frame from which it pivots

William blackstone

"Are you sick and tired of hand washing your clothing? If you are, the washing machine would be the perfect thing for you. First, you put the water in and then you put the soap and clothes in it and press start"this was the idea of William Blackstone inventor of the washing machine.
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