List 8 Vocabulary

Jessica Ogilbee


Heretical- characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards

Raconteur- person good at telling stories

Disconcert- to make a person upset or embarrassed

Pervade- spread through all parts of; to exist in every part of

Corroborate- support or prove by providing information or evidence

Synonyms and Antonyms


Synonyms: misbelieving

Antonyms: orthodox


Synonyms: chronicler

Antonyms: non speaking


Synonyms: disturb

Antonyms: soothe


Synonyms: transfuse

Antonyms: drain


Synonyms: justify

Antonyms: disprove

Word Swap

The actions that some people make are misbelieving. (Heretical)

Ashley's grandfather is an amazing storyteller. (Raconteur)

The boss upset his employees by making them work longer. (Disconcert)

The river overflowed and filled the creeks. (Pervade)

I always double check with other stylists to make sure we are doing the right procedure. (Corroborate)