E-Staff Weekly for 1/5/15

Panther P.R.O.U.D.

Seylar Pinterest Account

Thank you to LeeAnn for creating a Pinterest account for Seylar! This a great way for us to share our great teaching ideas and strategies with little effort than a push of a “pin." Please email LeeAnn with your name and school email address so she can add you to our school board.

Update your PSD Password!

In order to ensure the security of your network accounts, we are requesting that all staff change their password every 180 days.

Update information: On January 7, 2015, new network logon password rules will be implemented for PSD staff to enhance network security and better protect the district’s network. The following are the new rules being implemented:

  1. Passwords will need to be changed every 180 days. If your password is older than 180 days on January 7, 2015, you will be prompted for a new password at logon. If not, then you will be prompted at logon for a new password when it does reach 180 days of age.
  2. Passwords need to be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
  3. Passwords must contain at least one upper case character, one digit, and one special character (e.g. @, #).
  4. Passwords can be changed only once within a 24 hour period.
  5. Accounts will be automatically locked out for 30 minutes after 10 invalid password logon attempts. A call to the help desk will be needed if your account gets locked out and you need it prior to 30 minutes.
  6. You may not re-use your previous password.

Quiet Riot Assembly - January 16th

No, we are not having the"Come on Feel the Noise" 80's rock band perform at Seylar this month, but David and Bill Mettler of Quiet Riot will provide our students with an entertaining 1 hour performance of storytelling, comedy, mime, audience participation, music and sound effects. More importantly, there message of positive feelings, good health, friends, interests, imagination, and "I can" thinking supports our new PROUD Program. Check out this link to provide some background knowledge before our assembly.

Thank you Home and School for funding this assembly!

Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 7th 2015 at 4pm

820 Callowhill Road

Perkasie, PA

Brandon Lutz will be presenting on technology tools that can be used for assessment. An emphasis will be placed on pre-assessments to assist in differentiation prior to delivering your lesson. Brandon will be using GetKaHoot.com as the web tool of choice. Prior to the meeting, please create a teacher account for free.

Data Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 21st 2015 at 7:30am

820 Callowhill Road

Perkasie, PA

Meeting has been switched to morning to due to our presenter, Jen Tesno, being available. The topic will be Text Dependent Analysis Questions, Responses, and Grading.

Happy Birthday to You!

AGNES WHITE - January 1

ROB SUKALY - January 18

ANGELA NICE - January 20

ANDY DRAGO - January 25

SARA GRAY - January 28

What's Your Why?

Jennifer Hall - Autistic Support Teacher

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and to work with children. It wasn't until I started subbing as a teaching assistant for the Montgomery County IU on my college breaks that I realized I LOVED working with children with special needs! Children that need a little extra help, support, love is where my heart lies. My favorite part of teaching is giving my students the skills to be a good person, to make friends, and to become the person the students know they can be. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when a child has the "Aha moment" and a skill you have been working with them on becomes mastered!!!

Joan Aspan - Music

I have always loved being in school. My mom was a music teacher, and I think I just naturally loved what I saw her doing. I would hear her in the kitchen preparing dinner for our big family, and she’d be singing--- she even sang when she did the laundry! So I grew up singing. When it came time to choose something as a career, I gravitated towards the area I loved.

Music is a powerful force. I want to share my enthusiasm for it with my students--- whether it’s in singing, playing recorder and Orff instruments, or simply listening to a musical selection with a little bit of understanding of the person who wrote it. Music has the potential to bring all of us together. That’s what I’d like my students to be able to experience throughout their lives.

Bernadette Reading - Kitchen Staff

When it was time for me to go back to work, I thought to myself “What would I like to do?” I knew that I wanted to work with children part-time and Seylar gave me the perfect opportunity. I enjoy preparing meals and interacting with the children each day in the cafeteria. I also enjoy the snow days, summers off and long holiday vacations. What a great place to work!

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