The Desert Biome

The Desert Biome Information

We give you the very good info the desert group.

Here is some of the good information. Our biome hot, dry and sandy. There is barley any rain in the desert. In the desert it is cool in the night. You can find cacti alot. You can find animals like the coyote, scorpion and camel

Animal life

In the desert you can find scorpions, coyotes, and jackrabbits

Mrs. Clear

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The desert only gets 10 inches of rain every year.

our biome is found

Our biome is located in the northwest.

The landscape

The landscape in the desert is hot, dry, and rockey

Unique Desert Facts

The desert is unique and one of a kind that because it is always hot dry and sandy.

More desert facts

Animals have adapted to the desert because they live there and they know what is feels like in the desert. plants adapt by having water in them they take water from them and give it to animals.