The Great Egg Drop: Eggert

By: Emma Niec

Introduction to sucess

The project we did was the great egg drop. This project was a real difficult, because we had to restart once or twice. We also had to make some hypothesis on weather or not our egg would survive the great fall. Maddie and I worked hard on our project, to get to where we are today and our egg survived the great egg drop. We had to plan out this object so then when it was time to put it together.

Begging Of The Process

My partner Maddie and I made a success to our plan of action for our parachute, made out of rubber bands, card board, cue tips, tape, string, paper, plastic bag and more. We picked our team because Maddie and I hardly knew each other, so we just started planning our parachute on paper and then long behold we had a success from the 40-50 foot ladder.
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Name For Our Egg Contraption

Maddie was the one to pick out the name for our egg but i agreed to it. Our name for our egg was Eggert, which if you may think is a little weird but it was a good name for a egg.

To A Great Success

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Presentation body

  • Attempting to solve the problem?

We solved our problem by working hard on putting this contraption together.

  • Brainstorm how you think you will solve it?
By planning out our contraption also helped us solve our project.

  • Choosing how to solve it?
Well we had to agree on one idea so we could start planning.

  • Explain why you choose the way you did?
It would land a lot softer than our other idea that we had.

  • What adjustments or changes that you made to your idea and why?
Well we didn't have plans it cut some of the card board but it helped us a lot.

  • How your final design did?
Our final design was a success because our egg didn't crack.

  • what changes or suggestions do you have if you were to do this again?
I would try something new and more stabled but otherwise i would stay with our first one.