4th Grade Newsletter

Miss Fletcher & Mrs. Wiley

Happy Monday!

Thank you so much for all of those who came to the Valentine Parties on Friday. We had so much fun and I am so glad that you were able to join us! I hope you are getting to enjoy this small break from school, and I can't wait to see the students back to school tomorrow!

Coach Crawford was named one of RISD's Star Teachers this year! This is a huge honor and we are so glad to have him at WRE!

This is a reminder that the Six Flags Reading Logs are due in 2 weeks, on Monday, Feb 29th.

Tuesday, February 16th: CiCi's spirit night, Lone Star Challenge Practice today after school.

Wednesday, February 17th: Honor choir practice after school.

Friday, February 19th: Texas Legends Basketball game in Frisco; 7PM.

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:

· 2/27 – Saturday School

· 2/29 – Kinder Round Up

· 3/1 – Open House and Primary Election Voting in computer lab

Mrs. Wiley: Reading and Language Arts

Reading and Vocab:

Ø We will begin our unit on Traditional Literature. We will identify the problem and solution, plot, and then summarize the stories we read using the summary frame “Somebody, Wanted/Did, But, So, Then”.

Ø ** End of Traditional Literature Unit Assessment on Friday, March 4

Ø **On the horizon: Reading SIM on the week of March 14**

Writing and Grammar:

Ø The students will write an Expository for an assessin about what makes a good teammate.

Ø The students will review the writing process steps and editing/revising strategies

Ø **Writing STAAR Test, March 29th**

Miss Fletcher: Math and Science

In science this week we are moving into our earth science unit. We will be beginning this unit by examining the properties of soil. We will determine the different classifications of soil based on its color and texture and we will then discuss what properties of soil assist in plant growth.

In math this week we will be beginning to wrap up our unit on fractions (slow clap!) We will be finishing out our unit with adding and subtracting fractions, including improper fractions and mixed numbers. You will notice that our homework for this week and next is in a packet. This is to help your child review for our Unit 3 Assessment which will be on Wednesday, February 24th. I will assign the students certain problems to do each night. Please help me by checking over your child's homework. If you see that they really are struggling with a question please do not hesitate to send me a note or email.