Joshua Khoudary

Rio, Brazil

Flighing High

I will Be getting to brazil with a 1 stop plane, I will be flighing Delta flight 54 going and I will be flighing 129 back.

I will Take off Wednesday at 5:00 am from Denver CO

Then take a 8:22 pm flight to Houston TX

58 minute break between flight

Then at 9:20 pm I will leave Houston TX

my last flight will arive on Thursday At 9:25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pompeu Rio Hotel

I will staying at The 4 star Pompeu Rio hotel for just $178 dolars a night. I will be staying from July 3 to july 10 for a total of $1246 for all 7 nights. this hotel has a pool and is only 1.6 miles from downtown de janeiro. This hotel has a free breakfest and it also has many other things that are free but it makes you leave the hotel because they have small room and not many luxuries.;label=pompeu-06Y1RrlsSvCYM36TvAimFAS16526669829%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t2%3Aneg;sid=ad34c3b180ce2edc413f738583f2868a;dcid=1;dest_id=-666610;dest_type=city;highlighted_hotels=358167


If you love to relax than I know the beach is a good activity for you. This is because depending on where you live or are staying you are staying at a hotel then transportation could only cost you about $15.00 to $35.00. and the food on the beach will cost you about R$45.69 dollars.



  • The language they speak is Portuguese
  • Having to much money to use
  • Reading and Talking to people


  • bring a translator or if you have a family member speak for you
  • Give up only as much as you are going to use
  • Ask someone if they speak English with a translator

History & Culture

The history of Brazil was in 1502 the Portuguese were the first to land on the soil known as Brazil. then they found a bay forming an opening of a river called Rio De Janeiro which means "River of January". Then in a couple years Brazil had some key positions and after 2 years of war the Portuguese fled to a hill known as "Castle Hill".


If you love the beach and historical sights then coming to brazil will be agood place to go because if you come from America 10000 will get you $21959 Brazilian Reals. This is why I want to go to Brazil.

About the Traveler

Hello My Name is Joshua Khoudary I am 13 Nad i am with the Khoudary Family. I have 2 sibilings 1 sister named Samantha and 1 brother named Robbie. And my two parents names are names are Sara and Tony Khoudary. One day I will Be able to afford this trip to brazil and injoy it. I have only taveled outside of the USA 2 times and they were to London and Austraila.