What's Your Type?

By: Kalyssa Smith


Description Of ISFJs

  • Love to stay to themselves rather than be in crowds or around a lot of people.
  • Tend to care and put others before their selves until they get did wrong.
  • Always observes others before getting to know them.

Common Traits Of ISFJs

  • Supportive
  • Loyal
  • Overload themselves

I think this Does/Does Not Descibe My Personality

I believe the personality type does describe me perfect. I always tend to put others needs before mine to help them if I can. I also Love to be by myself rather than in a crowd or around a lot of people. I believe it describes me perfect because I always observe people before I get to know them to see what their like, say for instance I like to see if they talk a lot, show a lot of emotion, of if they lack showing emotions things like that.