Anne Frank; A diary of a young girl

By: Emily Ray

The Secret Annex

Looking at the building that contained the Secret Annex, it doesn't look like it housed two families for two years. The Secret Annex contained three floors. Floor one contained the kitchen and the entryway into the Annex. The entrance into this annex was a bookcase that swung open to reveal the kitchen, this served as the safegaurd incase they were discovered. On the second floor, one family lived and slept. The final floor contained the second family's living quarters.
The Diary of Anne Frank Trailer

The novel summary

Anne Frank, her family and many others went into hiding as an effect of the Nazis taking jewish families and torturing them. She wrote the diary to keep a chronological list of what happened. Her dream was that after the war to become a citizen of Ukraine and become and author. They were in hiding for 2 years. This diary shows that the living conditions were awful and for most of the time, there was virtually no food and they were half starved. This novel describes the food that they ate, the way that they lived, how they had to take many precautions so that they wouldn't be found. In this novel it shows how many fights broke out and how they solved the conflicts. All of these conflicts were a result of living together for 2 years and being selfish.