Adventures of Mike the myosin

By - Robert Corona (A story of myosin filament)

One day a small myosin came into existence in the arm of a human being. This myosin had a lot of adventures in front of him that he did not yet know were even possible. This little myosin's name was mike, and he had a lot to learn about himself, and little did he know how interesting his future life was going to be.

The little myosin learned how important energy was, and what to get in times of need. This energy is called ATP. At first this myosin did not understand what it needed energy for, but Mike knew that he needed it! Once acquiring it, he realized that he wanted nothing more than to grab onto actin so the muscle he was in could contract, because what an adventure that would be! He soon realized that although he had energy, he needed something else to move the tropomyosin out of the way so that he grab onto the actin so that he could watch the very muscle he was in contract! He figured out exactly what he needed to! It was the only thing that would work, he needed calcium. One he acquired calcium he latched onto the actin then he started working his way down all the different actin using his myosin head the grab each one as we went down all the actin. It was happening! Along with the titin he was attached to, he watched the z-disks get closer to each other as the the muscle contracted! After seeing the muscle contract he began to relax and work his way down back the actin until he was relaxed on his own again. He learned a lot! Of course he learned everything necessary for a muscle contraction, and he learned that after a twitch muscle contraction relaxation followed, and he loved that part because relaxing well of course is... relaxing! He was beginning to love his home is the sarcomere (unit of muscle) that he was placed in by mother nature and looked forward to his future adventures of muscle contractions!