Fourth Grade Newsletter

No School: Wednesday, November 25th - Friday, November 27th

There will NOT be a newsletter next week.

Have any spare boxes? Send them to school with your child. It's for SCIENCE!

Progress reports go home today!


We are wrapping up our unit on nonfiction reading. Students will celebrate by teaching each other about a topic which they read throughout the unit. Our post unit assessment will be on Thursday.


Students will complete our unit on essay writing. Next up: the long awaited, and much anticipated fiction writing unit!

Social Studies

We are finishing up our study of Texas government and will move back in time to study the European explorers who first came to Texas.


You child will continue using multiple strategies in order to solve word problems. Encourage your child to use a problem-solving process. Have them explain their thinking to you.

Students will begin an in-class shopping project in December. If you have any shopping catalogs, please send them to school with your child so we can set up our store!


This week, students will be working on electrical energy. Then, students will explore how forces (pushing, pulling, gravity, friction, and magnetism) affect objects. Look around your home. What kinds of forces do you use to get work done?

There will be a science test on December 4. It will cover Forces, Motion, and Energy.

Pendulum Waves