The place to go

Make Rome the second place you call home

The people living in Rome are a mixture of all different cultures. There's Italians, Americans, ext. You could learn amazing things and stories just from sitting around people.

Famous Land Features

The number 1 place to visit in Rome is the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, it's a very lovely church with monuments and statues. The second favorite place to go is Colle del Gianicolo. It's a beautiful and historic place, with a great view.


In Rome, you can find many fun things to do. There are theaters, dance festivals, and operas, but don't worry if you aren't into that you can also attend museums, gardens, or a football match.

Why you should go to Rome

If that wasn't enough to make you want to go to Rome, just think about all of the things you could try and experience. Traveling to Rome would be a life changing event. You could see a different culture in their home, taste delicious foods you never dreamed of trying, and see the historical places that had an impact on the whole world.

Come to Rome and experience something new