Lume & Bores

Once upon a time there was a god his name was Lume God of owls he lived in the North Pole but there was no snow there then. One day he got so hot he couldn’t stand it any more so he flew to Mt. Olympus in Greece.
“Why are you here,” questioned Zeus? “I am here because I need you to tell Bores to freeze the North Pole,” said Lume “ Why don’t you tell him yourself,” yelled Zeus! “ Sorry you didn’t need to get mad,” said Lume then he left he started to fly to Bores’ castle. He only had one problem he didn’t know where it was.
He started thinking. After a little bit he thought of flying around the world “ Nah,” he said to himself. After a little while he couldn’t think of anything else so he decided to go with it.
Then he took off. Five days later he found it! Then he flew in and Bores said,” Why are you here” “I am here to ask you if you can freeze the North Pole,” asked Lume? “ Why should I,” said Bores “ because you like to freeze stuff,” answered Lume. “ I do like to freeze stuff,” Bores mumbled to himself “I’ll do it,” said Bores “ Thank you,” said lume as he left. When he got home he saw that it was snowing!

Carter Mayland