How Santa Got Stuck

A Short Story by Anna P.

On a seemingly normal Christmas Eve, Santa's sleigh was full to the brim, and the reindeer ready to go. Santa, coming outside his house, had a handful of freshly baked cookies in his hands, and was stuffing his face with them.

"Excuse me, Mr. Santa, sir?" a voice from down on the ground said. Santa paused in his snack and looked down.

"Ah! Are you one of my helpers tonight?" He asked the young elf.

"I am sir, my name is Herbert, but I just wondered why you were eating cookies now, if you get cookies at every house you deliver presents to?" The elf asked quizzically.

"Ho ho ho! You're right, I do get cookies at the houses I visit. But I just couldn't help myself. These are my favorite cookies, and I don't want to fly on an empty stomach." Herbert nodded in understanding, but couldn't help but feel like something might go wrong tonight. Santa hopped into his sleigh, Herbert following, and they were off.

The first several houses were uneventful, but something unexpected happened at the 30th house. The house, which everyone in town knew as the mayor's, had a very short, very wide Christmas tree.

"Oh my. I have never seen a Christmas tree like this before!" Santa exclaimed.

"I have. Timothy, my dad, had one like this before, but it took up too much space, so we got rid of it." Herbert replied.

"I can see why!"

While they were putting the presents under the tree, Herbert and Santa continued talking about how unreasonable the Christmas tree was. But all of the sudden...

"Oh, oh dear. I think I put the wrong present way in the back. Oh, well! I'll just crawl underneath and grab it." Now, Santa had eaten many more cookies since he set off from the North Pole, and was now a bit plumper than he had been then, and when he tried to squeeze back out from under the tree, he found that he couldn't.

"Do you need some help, sir?" Herbert asked, noticing Santa's struggle.

"Ho ho ho! It's quite alright, young Herbert. Nothing I can't handle!" Though as he continued to struggle, he found he did need help.

"Actually, I might require your assistance." Santa corrected himself. Herbert whispered an idea in his ear, and Santa smiled.

"HO! HO! HO!" Santa bellowed, and with each 'ho' he blew himself backwards out of the tree, and on the third, he was free.

"I'm done here, young Herbert, let's move on." Santa commented after he hoisted himself up off the ground.

Santa never made the mistake of eating extra cookies on Christmas Eve again, and Herbert went with him for a few Christmas Eves after the 'Night that Santa Got Stuck'. Every time they saw a short, wide Christmas tree, as if it were that very night that Santa got stuck, you would hear a hearty "Ho ho ho!" as Santa laughed at his silly mistake.

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences Used:

  1. Compound sentence
  2. Prepositional phrase
  3. Participial phrase
  4. Appositive phrase
  5. Adjective clause
  6. Adverb clause