Jake Roeser

Types of Skis


There are many different kinds of skis. There are GS, Slalom, Twin Tip. GS and Slalom are kinds of racing skis. Twin Tip are good for powder skiing.

Ski Accidents

(Cause and Effect)

Not all the time is good on the hill. For some people that are skiing in Bad conditions, Skiing around other bad skiers or If your not that good you might wipe out or crash. It is a good idea to stay about 30 ft from other skiers. You will probably wont be happy if you crash.

Not having snow

(Problem and Solution)

When there is not any snow resorts can make snow. It is not the best snow around but if they make a few inch's it is skiable. Usually you can tell if it's fake because it is a bit icy. It must be at least 32 degrees to make.

Salom vs GS

Two big kinds of ski racing are GS and Salom. GS is Giant Salom and has big turns and wide gates. Salom is small turns around poles. Salom also requires a lot of safety equipment.