Suzuki Sport-utility

Keep It Moving, With Fast Pass

So you are confroneted with all the age old challenge - does one give up some precious hours on the weekend to service the bike yourself, or take it to a garage and wait forever for the mechanic, who might not get the job done on a lot of bikes, to take care of your baby? You want to obtain additional details about suzuki sport on my site now.

There’s another option: Pete’s FAST PASS.

The FAST Pass can be a service which will have you in by morning and out the same day, and focuses on the critical, high-use parts on any avenue bike.

Services include
• Tire changes
• Chain adjustment
• Battery test and/or replacement
• Light fall-over items (levers, mirrors, turn signals, etc.)
• Brake pads
• Installation of OEM materials (not to exceed 2 hours)
o Windshield installations
o Services types 2001 calendar year or later
o 1st services and service intervals requiring 3 hours or less time

The FAST PASS service was created to help bikers get their rides back again out on the open highway, but at the same time, making sure all from the critical areas had been addressed.

Never waste your time trying to take care of everything on the bicycle yourself, summer is not that long! For more details please visit our page at interesting website

Call the professionals at Pete’s Cycle and see if your bike qualifies for FAST PASS - you will be in and out and again on the street.

Contact Pete’s at considered one of our three locations:
• Baltimore 410-663-8556
• Bel Air 410-879-3586
• Severna Park 410-647-5880
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