Module 7 Ipads assessment


What safety precautions have you set to protect your iPad?

I am using our school’s iPad for this course. Everything from a passcode lock to get to the home screen, i-tunes, the app store, i-cloud, e-mail, is locked with passcodes or passwords. I started the course with a list of them because they varied slightly but I now have most of them committed to memory. The iPad also has a Smart Cover that automatically puts the iPad to sleep. It’s easy to remove and provides additional protection. It also folds into different standing positions so I do not always have to hold the iPad.

What are two settings you found this week that you didn't know about before? Will these settings be useful to you in some way? Explain.

I liked the idea of being able to set restrictions to keep students from setting their own passcodes (This answered my question from module three). Restrictions prevent students from changing settings, purchasing or deleting apps.

I also liked the privacy setting. I have been sometimes deleting things for this class like photos or videos that I didn’t want students who may share this iPad to see.

Explain three accessories or instructional tools that we learned about this week that interested you or you are able to use. Explain how you will or could use these tools.

I was really excited to see ClassDojo, a behavior app, among the instructional tools. I reviewed this one last week and really had fun playing with it. It’s free, easy to use and a definite must have for me.

I was also very interested in both Board Cam ($ 4.99) and Cam Draw ($0.99) because I use my document camera a lot. I watched the video how to make a ‘docking station’ with PVC pipe for an iPad so it can be used like a document camera. I have to be honest; I don’t think I am that talented. I’d really need to just purchase a device or stand. I’d like to share this idea with our administrator. I know thousands have been invested in document cameras for the district but what an upgrade if we converted to iPads instead.

I’ve already added Timer+ which my second graders love. I am also interested in Pandora. Many of my colleagues use Pandora in their classrooms. I know I can choose the music type. I am old-fashioned and I like to play children’s music like Raffi, The Wiggles, Imagination Movers or Music Box selections instead of popular music for my second graders. What I liked about Pandora was being able to select and set up specific genres or playlists of music so I could have Second Grade favorites, Judy’s Personal Mix, and songs my friends and family enjoy.

Share at least one tip or trick regarding using the iPad in general or using the iPad in your classroom.

Well right now my best tips are like a Montana sky, always changing. I have learned a lot in this class but here is what I know about myself and iPads. Start small. Integrate it to mastery and then build on it. The very first thing I tried was Timer+. Seems small and insignificant but for me it was a great place. I came into class with zero knowledge and now I am using notepads, shopping for good apps, taking pictures and making videos. I am using g-mail, safari and unfortunately still fighting with SIRI. Most importantly, I am trying lots of new things that I would never have considered before.

Anything else you would like to share for the good of the group!

Nothing more to share but I have a question. I can only take videos that are a few minutes (or less) long. Is there a way to go into settings and make them longer?