Mrs. Chesworth's Class

Fourth Grade Room 221


Over the past few weeks there is less and less homework being done even when I have lowered the amount of homework. I am asking that each parent/guardian is making sure their child is completing homework and coming to school prepared. It is effort and good work ethic that helps improve a student the most. We were lucky to have a middle school student come and speak to the class from P.S. Dupont and one of the biggest things he emphasized was all homework counted as a grade and if you don't do your homework or bring it in on time you get a "0". Please encourage homework and reading to be done nightly. Thank you in advance for your help


Last week and this week we have been doing a special performance task. This is a task where students are using two separate resources (an article and a book) and they are taking the most important information from these resources to do a writing piece. We are working on tsunami's and what causes a tsunami and where they form. The students writing piece will be on "What would they do if there was a tsunami warning?" This is a major assessment for all students. While we are working on this (it is about a two week assessment) we will not be doing spelling test or our harcourt work since this is a story in itself.


We have started our module on division. I have to emphasize how important it is that students are practicing their division at home. One of the best ways for students to get more comfortable with division and with math is by practicing. Even if you just make up extra questions each night. I have been meeting with small groups over lunch, recess, and any free time we have. A lot of students are struggling because they do not know their basic multiplication and division facts. The videos below are examples of problems being solved the same way we do in school. Watch it yourself or have your child watch it as a reinforcer. : Lesson 17 video to reinforce : Lesson 18 video to reinforce Lesson 19 video to reinforce

New Teacher!

I am so excited to let everyone know that we have recently had a new para-professional join our classroom to work directly with a new student! Mrs. Pierce has been such an energetic, wonderful addition to our classroom and has over 20 years of teaching experience. We are lucky to have her as part of our class.