Temperate Grasslands

By Ella, GraceAnne, Fiona, Charlie, and Cullen #3


These grasslands are very amazing. With grazing bison in the mornings mist. Heavily rain falls down touching the hilly surface. Tall grasses, to short shrubs. This is the temperate grasslands. This biome can have large expanses of a flat or hilly surface, North America, Europe, and a few continents have this biome. Most of the temperate grasslands can be found in North America. Weather can be dry, with an average rain fall of 10- 30 inches (25-75 centimeters). There can be grazing, burrowing, and predator animals in these grasslands.


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Are you wondering where you should go to visit the amazing temperate grasslands? Well if you want to go you could go all over the world. This biomes is located in every continent but Antarctica. It’s not in Antarctica because it is too cold, so there’s no soil. The continents they are on are Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. The relationship to the equator is that the largest grasslands are north of the equator. The smallest grasslands are south of the equator. 25 percent of Earth’s surface is covered with this grassland. Location is one of the most important things when it comes to biomes.


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Have you heard of the temperate grasslands? This biome has one of the most unique climates in many ways .If you do not know what climate is I will tell you. Climate is the average temperature and rainfall. Now that we know what climate is let’s talk about the temperate grasslands climate. The climate in this biome is unique. It is normally dry here and it’s average rainfall is twenty to a hundred centimeters. An exciting thing about this biome is it is in the middle of being a desert and a forest. Also it’s average temperature in the summer is thirty eight degrees Celsius. It’s average winter temperature is often below zero. Next, how close it is to the equator really can change the biome's climate. The largest grasslands are north of the equator, so they never get too hot. Finally the temperate grasslands have two seasons: the growing season, when all the plants grow and the dormant season when plants stop their growth to survive the winter. All in all the temperate grasslands have one of the most unique climates.


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Plant Adaptations

If you think climate is cool, check out how plants are surviving in the temperate grassland biome. In order to survive life in the temperate grasslands, plants have had to adapt. An adaptation is a skill that animals develop in order to survive. Some common environmental factors that plants have to adapt to are wildfires, droughts, and animal grazing. Grass is the most popular plant species in this biome. Prairie grass grows from the bottom up, which means they can grow from under the soil. This is a great adaptation because when there are wildfires, the plant base and roots can survive since they are underground. It is similar when animals try to eat them as the plants are able to continue to grow. Prairie trees also have thick bark that help them survive wildfires as well. Like plants, animals have adapted to survive in the temperate grassland biome.


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Animal Adaptations

The grassland can seem a barren wasteland nothing but grass. In reality the grassland is bustling with life. These animals have to adapt to their unique climate. In the temperate grassland you find prairie dogs, gophers, gazelle, deer, mice, jack rabbits, snakes, coyotes and finally… The big ones: bison. These animals have adapted to the dry and windy climate. Some animals do not sweat to conserve water during the dry season. Some grow thick coats to survive harsh winters. Some burrows and hibernate during winter. On example is the ground squirrel does not sweat to conserve water in the dry season. The prairie dog builds burrows underground. They store food in their burrow and then they hibernate during the winter. The temperate grassland has lots of windy and dry days so the animal must be prepared.


The temperate grasslands can be found barren, but have many creatures and plants of all sorts. This type of grassland is very unique like the others and have a lot of fun facts to explore.