Laura Bush Middle School

December 2020


Hello LBMS parents. As the end of the semester approaches us, I would like to remind you that our semester final exams will be held on December 16, 17, and 18, 2020. If students have earned a test exemption from ALL core classes, they have the option to transition to virtual learning for those three days. This means that they will not have to attend school on those 3 days. If students utilize this option, they are required to submit work electronically according to each teacher’s requirements for the day by 10:30 a.m., otherwise, they will be counted absent and lose their exemptions.

If your child is not able to exempt all semester final exams, they will need to report to school to take those exams during the scheduled time. Here are possible scenarios:

Student “A” only has one exam and exempted all other exams: The student reports to school during the assigned time to take the exam. Once that period is over your child may leave or stay for the remainder of the day.

Student “B” has two or three exams: The student reports to school during the specified testing times or they have the option to attend all classes or leave when their testing period ends.

*Buses will only run at the beginning and the end of the day.

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Inventory for iPads, LogiTech Crayons & Desk Shields

We are in the process of checking that every student has, in their possession, all equipment issued to them at the beginning of the year. Every student should have the following:

  • iPad w/ case & keyboard
  • Logitech Crayon
  • Desk Shield

If your child is missing any equipment, please refer to the button below to access a list of equipment & fees. All equipment and fees will need to be accounted for prior to exemptions.

iPad & Equipment Pricing

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December Calendar

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Semester Exam Schedule

December 10

Red Day - Review for Electives

December 11

Black Day - Review for Electives

December 14

Red Day - Review for Core

Red Day - Elective Exams

December 15

Black Day - Review for Core

Black Day - Elective Exams

December 16

Black Day - Core Exams

December 17

Black Day - Core Exams

December 18

Early Release - 12:45 p.m.

Make-up Exams


Exemption Cards

All students will receive an Exemption Card on Monday, December 7 during their B3 class. Exemption Cards are DUE Friday, December 11.

*Students will need to follow the guidelines on the Exemption Card to qualify.

*If students exempt ALL classes on December 18-20, they do not have to attend class.

*Students who do not qualify for exemptions will have to take their semester exams.

*Parent signature is required on both the front and back of the Exemption Card.


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