The cursed volcano of Hades

By: Shanique Smith

The Cursed volcano of hades

If I told you a story about Hades would you dare call out his name?

Long ago in the city of Athens Jermy is told the story about the cursed volcano of Hades but Jermy doesn't really believe in any god.

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"Grams I know you love the stories about gods and stuff but I don't, so please stop with the stories!" Jermy exclaimed, getting irritated by the nonstop stories.

" Jermy they are not just stories, they are real." Grams said.

Jermy couldn't sit in that room for one more minute. So he stood up and ran out the house, while he was running he noticed some of the kids playing kick the can.

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Jermy walked over to them and stood there, he was never the type of person to speak


"Hey i'm Red, do you want to play with us?" Red asked.

"Naw, i'm just taking a walk." Jermy mumbled.

" Well i'm going to walking with you." Red demanded.

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"Man my Grams is going cray." Jermy yelled.

"What happened?" Red asked.

"She's telling me about the cursed volcano of Hades, and it's going around and around in my head." Jermy explained.

"Well you know what you should do?' Red wondered.

Jermy didn't know if he should answer but he thought it wouldn't be as bad as hearing Grams tell me more of those myth stories.
" What should i do then?" Jermy whispered sounding worried

" You should find the the volcano and call out Hades, if it doesn't work your Grams is crazy." Red thought.

Many thoughts were pulsing in his head, he felt sick but he wasn't going to back out so he collected his thoughts and thought "man up" to himself.

"Okay I will." Jermy hesitated.

He picked up stick getting ready start a fire for his torch but Red took two sticks and in a flick of a finger the torch was on fire.

"How did you do that?!" Jermy choked.

"Years of practice my friend." Red spoke calmly.

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Jermy didn't say one word he just grabbed his torch from Red and walked into the forest but had second thoughts but he had to be brave he was going to say bye to Red but when he turned around Red vanished. Jermy got scared but felt like someone was watching him, and he ran it got darker and darker to the point where the torch was no help at all. But it got really hot it felt like he was being lit on fire and he found out why, he was standing on top of the volcano. He knew what he had to do and that was call out Hades.

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The calling of hades

"Hades,Hades show your self!" Jermy yelled at the volcano.

"This is crazy why would Hades show himself if he isn't re-" Jermy got cut off when the ground started to shake, and Red appeared on top of the volcano.

" All this time you were Hades!" Jermy shouted.

"Yes, and you will watch your family die once I erupt this volcano!" Hades snapped

"No this cannot be happening!' Jermy screamed.

" Run home and tell your family goodbye cause this is the last time you'll see them, you have three hours time ." Hades said in a dark evil voice.

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Jermy had no time to waste so he ran as fast as he could, screaming, yelling, for help but he gave up. Jermy saw a near by river he sat next to and olive tree, Jermy took a branch from the tree and shoved it into the earth. Once he did that he notice the olive tree moving,it was Athena.

" Your A-Athena." Jermy mumbled to shy to speak.

" I hear you awaken Hades cursed volcano." Athena said.

" Y-yes that was me." Jermy said ashamed.

" Well you should be ashamed of yourself!" Athena yelled.

" I beg your forgiveness but please help my family please your my only hope!" Jermy sobbed.

" Hush child I know someone who can help put the volcano back to sleep." Athena said with pride.

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Athena pulled out a sea shell shaped like a horn, and blew into it but not sound was made.

"You think that's going to help it doesn't make a sound!" Jermy snapped.

" Just be quite." Athena said softly.

A blue bright light flashed and beside Athena was a tall, tan woman holding a harp

"Who are you?" Jermy asked in a shy voice

I'm Refuna." Refuna responded.

" Refuna this dumb boy has awaken the cursed volcano of Hades." Athena restated.

Jermy looked at the stick and noticed the shadow, he only had and hour left.

"Well I only have and hour left so we should get going." Jermy said worried.

They all walked deeper and deeper into the darkness.

" There's the volcano Hades on top of it of the volcano." Jermy said ashamed.

Once Jermy told them where Hades was Refuna took her harp and started to play and sing and slowly the lava and that was coming down disappeared, and Hades cried out in anger.

" No why would you do this no!" Hades cried out

The light started to shine through the trees birds started to sing, plants started to gain back there color thanks to to sun,life was back in the forest. Before the sunlight could touch Hades he started to say magic words.

" He's trying to wake the volcano do something!" Jermy shouted.

Athena opened her hand and Zeus lighting bolt was in her hand she aimed at Hades and threw the bolt at Hades.once the bolt hit Hades he fell on his knees falling into the volcano.

" Thank you Athena, thank you Refuna!" Jermy rejoiced " Go home now and never do such thing again." Refuna said in a baby like voice.

Jermy ran home to find his Grams sitting down in a chair. Jermy walked over there sat down and asked Grams to tell him a story about Athena.That day Jermy learned a very important lesson that just because you didn't believe doesn't mean there not true.