The Professional Rely On Cloud

Consulting And Professional Firms Increasingly Rely On Cloud

65% of Indian advisers are betting on the use of computer applications in the cloud as indicated in the results correspond to the surveys of the 1,500 attendees in 2012.

The savings in costs, improvement in the accessibility of information, generating new business opportunities and the possibility of decoupling the practice of the presence in the office are some of the advantages that the professionals surveyed associated with cloud computing.

However, 28% of advisors are reluctant to use the applications in the ESDS cloud services in case they generate the changes that may be involved in the work culture and information security.

The ability to develop professional activity outside the office that offers cloud computing is one of the benefits that respondents emphasize again relating to the use of mobile smartphones and tablets. Two-thirds of advisors (67%) use these devices precisely because they can work from anywhere. However, there are still 30% of professionals who dismiss professional use of smartphones and tablets, although this percentage rose to 59% in July 2012.

The presence on the Internet and social networks is considered "strategic" for professional offices. Almost 42% had a website, a percentage similar to that obtained in the previous analysis (39%). In contrast, the presence in social networks has increased considerably, as more than half (55%) have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, where seven months ago it was 31%.

It has also grown the use of alternative channels to phone and e-mail as a means of communication with customers: 60% of professional consultancies and law and resort to other means such as text messages, an extra-net or social networks.

The e-mail itself remains the primary vehicle used by the consultants to exchange documents with customers. So does 58% of the offices, but continues the use of fax (37%) and mail (30%). Only 4% of the consultants used a portal or extra-net for the exchange of documents with clients.

There are still 55% of firms keeping such documentation in file or in shared directories, but the percentage of use of document managers already reached almost to 25%.

Economic Issues

More than half (55%) of respondents believe that the announced reform of the tax penalty regime will do nothing to curb defraudation usual tactics, since activities generally located where fraud "will continue to evade taxes".

Counseling professionals and professional firms do not believe that the improvement in corporate profits tax help curb the current economic issue destruction. Moreover, 70% believe that the current situation will only improve with a substantial increase in demand.

The group is divided over the prospect of an increase in the tax burden on the taxpayer, since half of the view that the Government will not be able to respect their intention, because it believes that the increase in tax rates is the only way to compensate for the lack of tax revenue caused by the economic crisis, while the other half believes that the government will not require additional fiscal effort aims to change the taxpayer in the trend of rising consumption of goods and services.

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