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English 9 Pineda


Over the break I had wrestling practice everyday at 9:00 a.m. Then after practice i would go over my friends house until 7:00. Then i would play games until i would go to bed. My favorite part was when i was skating behind my friends house, because i enjoy it a lot. My least favorite part was when i got grounded for one of those days.

For me this is my best journal because to me this is the best break I have had all year. The prompt was not really interesting to me since I know what I did over the break, but it was interesting to know what the other people did over their vacation. I did not really make any connections mostly beacuse when we are on vacation I pretty much do the same things everyday.


1.Is revenge ever justified? In the cask of Amontillado, I would say yes, simply because the man gets his revenge in the end. To me i don't think revenge is a good thing to do to other people.Revenge can sort of to me be like karma; what goes around comes around.Could hate have consequences that love does not, is that why they both are different?Revenge could be good only if someone is going to do the revenge for the greater cause.Some revenge is not good when it is used for bad things or if it is used for things called payback.Revenge is for the weak in my sense and courage is for the strongest people which I am like. Many people have even told me that they are surprised when they have seen that I don't like to get revenge on people.

2.Is love stronger than hate? In my opinion yes, because two people are better than one. Hate is a deeper meaning of anger that is mrore than just anger. Love is stronger because it shares a bond between two individuals instead of one. In my opinion hate is like death while life would be like love. For some people love would be the opposite of what I think is stronger than the other. For some people hate woul be stronger than love in their own opinion.I feel like love is for peace and hate is for a disturbance to the world. Hate usually comes from only one person an love usually can come from one person or it can come from two people like in marriage.


1.What is worth fighting for? All human beings have something to fight for if they have something to belive in. I personally have seen someone on a documentary die for what in their mind was right. I can connect to the world because in the world there is war all over and the military fights sometimes for what they believe in.An example of someone who fights for what they believe in would be someone like Martin Luther King jr.Another example is a judge in the court systemwhen they are doing what is right for the country.

2. What does it take to be a survivor?In order to be a survivor you have to in a situation give it everything you have so that you basically escape death.My definition of a survivor is a person that is close to either death or being seriously injured. When i play war games sometimes I would be close to dying but I live so I would say that is a survivor. A survivor would be someone who gives up all his strength so that he would not die. There are survivors in the military al the time. There was even a movie about a survivor in the military who needed to be rescued and he was saved by his friends who came looking for him.


Dear Chris,

At the beginning of this year when i first got into the 9th grade and was switched to this class, I felt like I was going to have a much easier life. Through this whole year I feel like I relearned the information that I should have learne from the previous year before. In this class I feel like it was really interesting to see how much easier it is to learn at a slower pace and remember the information.For next year I should stay with this pace instaed of a faster pace so that I can recite all the information to myself. For all of the students and how the class is I think it was almost exactly how I would have pictured it. The teacher was really nice and cool that maybe some students learn better from certain teachers. The bad thing about this year's class was for me I think it will not look good for when hopefully I graduate.The next reason I should start off in a slower paced class would be so that i'm not so stressed out when my sport season starts,and so that I would be off to a good start for school.