Misconceptions about slot machine

The world of gambling is replete with a variety of misconceptions. They concern all kinds of systems and strategies, numerous omens and fruitless attempts to unravel the "secrets" of fortune. Lovers are not spared the creation of myths and slot machines.

If you've visited a video slot hall at least several times, you probably face other visitors who run from place to place, change bets and number of lines, watching the success of other players and trying to calculate the slot machine, which, in their opinion, should "give out" now.

Let's consider some of the most well-known prejudices and myths about slot machines and try to dispel them by explaining the principle of operation of these devices.

Operators are constantly changing the level of output in the slots.

Many believe that the owners of the gaming rooms regularly change the percentage payout of the machines, depending on who is playing. No reputable casino (or video slot hall) will go for such cheating. On many online - sites, for example onlinecasinoprofy.com, you can find a list of the best casinos with a good reputation, which can be trusted.

However, you should understand that implementing such a procedure is not always easy. As a rule, it is necessary to change the chip in the machine. The payout rate is determined and scored in the slot still at the company that manufactures it.

To adjust the payout system, you need to contact the manufacturer and legally coordinate this process. To protect yourself from this type of fraud by the administration of the room, avoid dubious institutions.

You would think that it would be much easier to change payouts at an online casino. But in fact, it's not like that. After all, the owners of the casinos are not always their manufacturers. That is, the payouts are set by the manufacturer, which is responsible for the quality and honest operation of its product. Therefore, the virtual casino can not on its own initiative make these kinds of changes in the institution.

Although the RTP can indeed be changed, honest casino operators do not resort to such tricks. Decent owners always indicate reliable data on the theoretical return of a video slot.

Casinos hand out jackpots to the right players

Do you also think that large progressive jackpots are only given to loyal customers or to those in whom the casino is interested?

To begin with, in most countries such activities in all types of gambling and lotteries are illegal. It is not allowed to interfere in the process of determining the winning numbers or symbols if the organizers claim their random generation or fallout. By doing so, the casino jeopardizes not only its reputation. It can be fined heavily or even have its activities terminated.

Let us not deny categorically that such a practice is impossible, but you can find it only in institutions with dubious reputation, which is generally better to avoid.

In addition, there are many cases when the jackpot was wrecked by players who have recently started playing the machines. Some luck smiled even during the first visit to a virtual casino or a real video slots room.

There are winning key combinations

Do you think that you can influence the results of the spins with the system of pressing buttons?

Many players believe that you can make the slot machine pay, if in a certain sequence press any button. Allegedly such cheats exist for different models.

Perhaps such techniques really helped to win on the primitive slot machines dubious manufacturers. But do not hope to cheat in such a way modern video slots leading developers.

True, from time to time, some machines do "glitch", which greedy visitors rush to take advantage of the casino. Over the past few years the press have covered several of these cases. But none of them customers have not received payment. Moreover, they were waiting for charges of fraud and litigation.

The rules of all gambling establishments say that any malfunction in the equipment lead to the cancellation of the results of draws. Attempts to take advantage of errors are considered cheating and are prosecuted by law.

Winnings in slots correspond to RTP

Is it fair to say that the payout for each player with a single machine will always correspond to the percentage of payout put into it?

In fact, this opinion is true only in the case of a very long game and under the condition that no one else will play it. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of runs or even more. You can get a lot less for a very long time and then get the maximum payout, which will equalize the percentage. And it is possible that you will win big after a few spins.

In general, in a few hours spent at the slot, you can hardly achieve a result close to the payout percentage, although it is not impossible.


As you can see, many of the widespread statements about slot machines are just fallacies or misinterpretations of the facts. Do not be in a hurry to believe everything you hear, even from experienced players.