What is Monarchy?

Google's Definition:

1. A form of government, with a monarch at the head.

2. A state that has a monarh

Our Definition:

A king of queen, that is the head of state. Usually one leader.

COUNTRIES WITH MONARCHS: Japan, Jamaica, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Belize, Canada, Jordan, ETC.,

Positive and Negative Facts of Monarchy


  • They do not make short term plans to increase popularity (Do not have to be re-elected).
  • Monarch often provide a focus for national identity as well as acting as a brand for the nation
  • Ruler has less control, which makes population happier and more productive.


  • People become a monarch because they decend from the previous monarchs. (It does not guarantee that they will do a good job).
  • They don't understand what others have to work for.
  • Ordinary people have no choice as to who their head of state will be.
  • Head of state can stay as long as they want.

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