mia tatum

why do I want to babysit?

Hi, I'm mia and i love helping with kids. I am starting to babysit because i have wanted to for a while and i am finally 13 so i feel responsible and old enough now. Babysitting can be a lot to handle sometimes but i have experience and know all the requirements because of my experience.


I have babysat for my neighbors and everything went well and the kids had fun. I also volunteer with the 3 month - 4 year olds almost every sunday morning at compass christian church and really enjoy it.

goal in babysitting:

My goal is that the kids have fun, follow rules and are in bed on time. i do not have a certain amount to charge so its up to you to decide how much you want to give me.

how to reach me:

you can contact my mom at: for more information or questions :)

When i am babysitting i will have my phone with me in case you need to reach me at any time.