Dr. Wise's Classroom Newsletter

Nov. 11th-15th, 2019

Dates to Remember:

Thanksgiving Lunch in the Cafeteria is Thursday at 11:15-11:45.

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 27th-29th

Information Links:

Student Handbook Link

Parents: This is the digital student handbook.

Classroom Website

Learn about how we do 4th grade in Dr. Wise's Classroom!

Weekly Skills:

Math: spiral review worksheets, multiply a 2 digit by a 2 digit, multiply a 3 digit by a 2 digit, and use traditional and area models to solve multiplication problems

Reading Skills: read nonfiction text, vocabulary words will focus on Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes, understand text structure such as compare and contrast text, cause and effect text, chronological text,and problem and solution

Language: edit mentor DOL sentences that focus on relative pronouns and relative adverbs, write a compare/contrast essay that uses sensory words, transitional phrases, figurative language, vocabulary, and sentence variety.

Science: none (we will work on social studies for two weeks)

Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolution

Intervention: We will work on reading passages and find ELA skills in the text and show text evidence in the form of direct quotes and in paraphrasing.

Student Simile and/or Metaphor Presentations

Check out our spooky presentations we made!!!

Parent and Student Resources:

Science Website

See what we are learning in science. Parents and student the quizlet study guide for our science test is on this website too. Test is Friday.

Times Table Memory Game

Practice your learning your times tables!

Digital Lessons and Websites for This Week

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Quizlet Digital Practice for Reading Vocabulary Test

Click here to allow your child to study his or her reading vocabulary words digitally.

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Type Your Spelling Words Here: Padlet

Click on the Padlet and type your spelling words in two times each.

AR: Accelerated Reading Link

Click here when you are ready to take an AR test. You can test at home or at school. Make sure you tell Dr. Wise or your parent that you are ready to take a AR test. We want to see your score!

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Skills Students Are Struggling With

Parents: The students are having trouble with subtracting and regrouping when they subtract. Please use this website to help your child at home.
Subtracting Website

Click here to get help and practice with subtracting

Classroom Codes to Join Digital Programs

*link to join Storyjumper

(students create books they can have published as a hard back or paperback book for a fee)

our class code is 1234

*link to join Quizlet

*link to join Edmodo

Edmodo group code: kzius5

*link to join Prodigy

*Prodigy class code: E501D8

*link to Scholastic Book Club

class code: RD9QJ

Class Code to join Flocabulary: P26T7F

* your password is your normal password plus your first and last initial

Class Code to join Edulastic: 5F13C

Education. com


class code: SY3GZC

Playposit Class Sign Up

Click here to sign up to our class account


Class code: 2BD6


Class code: HW7D7D

Khan Academy

Class Code: 95GZE7AT

Sign Up To Dr. Wise's Smore Classroom


Go to this website to sign up. Use the following code to be connected to Dr. Wise's Classroom: ZN326605

Math and ELA Activities: Digital Centers

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Class Code: E501D8