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Student Handbook Link

Parents: This is the digital student handbook.

Classroom Codes to Join Digital Programs

*link to join Storyjumper

(students create books they can have published as a hard back or paperback book for a fee)

our class code is 1234

*link to join Quizlet

*link to join Edmodo

Edmodo group code: kzius5

*link to join Prodigy

*Prodigy class code: E501D8

*link to Scholastic Book Club

class code: RD9QJ

Class Code to join Flocabulary: P26T7F

* your password is your normal password plus your first and last initial

Class Code to join Edulastic: 5F13C

Education. com


class code: SY3GZC

Playposit Class Sign Up

Click here to sign up to our class account


Class code: 2BD6


Class code: HW7D7D

Khan Academy

Class Code: 95GZE7AT

Sign Up To Dr. Wise's Smore Classroom


Go to this website to sign up. Use the following code to be connected to Dr. Wise's Classroom: ZN326605

Math and ELA Activities: Digital Centers

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Class Code: E501D8