Dr. Wise's Classroom Newsletter

Sept. 17th-21st, 2018

Dates to Remember:

*Read to Succeed Day is Friday, the parade will start after morning announcements. Parents can come watch in the gym.

*We started AR reading and testing today. The students have to earn 1/2 point each day, one book. So far they are doing great.

*Digital Centers: We now have all our laptops fixed. The students will start doing digital centers and assignments on the computers in class.

Weekly Skills: Tests on Friday in Reading, Spelling, Language, and Math

Spelling Words: students will have to know how to spell each word for Friday's test

1. bunch

2. crumb

3. trunk


5. stuck

6. brush

7. young

8. fruit

9. argue

10. crew

11. tune

12. juice

13. refuse

14. truth

15. clue

16. amuse

17. suit

18. rude

19. dew

20. rescue

*computer, mustard, tissue, customer, attitude

Math: study the times tables, DOM (review of math skills), round numbers in word problems and continue to practice place value

Reading Skills: theme, folktales

Vocabulary Words: students will need to know the definition of each word for Friday's test

attracted, dazzling, greed, honest, requested, soared, trudged, details, example

Language: We will continue to edit mentor (DOL) sentences within a passage. We will learn how to use dialogue in our writing, we will locate dialogue in text to see what a character is saying, we will also practice writing compound sentences using a conjunction (and, or, but, because, so)

Science: different animal habitats, test Friday

Social Studies: we will study early civilizations in history (no test Friday)


we will learn about setting, character, and plot. We will learn how to find text evidence to show a character's trait, show where the setting is taking place, and find text evidence to show how a character might change it's trait in a story.

Big picture
AR: Accelerated Reading Link

Click here when you are ready to take an AR test. You can test at home or at school. Make sure you tell Dr. Wise or your parent that you are ready to take a AR test. We want to see your score!

Type Your Spelling Words Here: Padlet

Click on the Padlet and type your spelling words in two times each.

Rounding Website

Use this website to help you learn rounding. You can play games, watch videos, and do practice from digital worksheets.

Math: Comparing and Ordering Numbers Website

videos, digital worksheets for practice, and digital games with comparing and ordering numbers

Comma Website

The students will learn how to use commas in compound sentences this week.

Classroom Codes to Join Digital Programs

*link to join Storyjumper

(students create books they can have published as a hard back or paperback book for a fee)

our class code is 1234

*link to join Quizlet

*link to join Edmodo

Edmodo group code: kzius5

*link to join Prodigy

*Prodigy class code: E501D8

*link to Scholastic Book Club

class code: RD9QJ

Class Code to join Flocabulary: 3SBHZZ

* your password is your normal password plus your first and last initial

Class Code to join Edulastic: 5F13C

Sign Up To Dr. Wise's Smore Classroom


Go to this website to sign up. Use the following code to be connected to Dr. Wise's Classroom: ZN326605


Class Code: E501D8


Class Code: kzius5 This week: I am so glad that you are in my classroom. Write a few sentences to tell me what you like about school so far. Don't forget to capitalize the first word in your sentence and use the correct end mark.