Dr. Wise's Classroom Newsletter

March 19th-23rd, 2018

Important Dates and Reminders:

*Prodigy Contest Letter (click the blue link)

Please play Prodigy at Home! We want to win the contest!

*Please send a snack with your child everyday, they are always asking me for snacks because our lunch is so late this year

*Recorders: Students need to purchase a recorder for $5.50 at school, they need the recorder for music class, please buy them at school

*Students need paper and pencils

*March 19th Welcome our new student teacher to our classroom!

*March 20th, Tuesday Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-6:00 P.M.

*March 26th-30th Spring Break: No School

Classroom News and Events

*Students may bring in their devices to be used for educational purposes. Parents, please write a note in your child's agenda saying that you give them permission to bring in the device.

*link to join Quizlet

*link to join Edmodo

Edmodo group code: kzius5

*link to join Prodigy

*Prodigy class code: E501D8

*link to Scholastic Book Club

class code: RD9QJ

Class Code to join Flocabulary: 3SBHZZ

*remember that your password is your normal password plus your first and last initial

Class Code to join Edulastic: 5F13C

Sign Up To Dr. Wise's Smore Classroom


Go to this website to sign up. Use the following code to be connected to Dr. Wise's Classroom: ZN326605

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Weekly Skills

Spelling Words: *Students are given an oral spelling test every Friday

1. enter

2. banner

3. sugar

4. shower

5. motor

6. collar

7. labor

8. finger

9. mirror

10. beggar

11. favor

12. bother

13. fever

14. doctor

15. temper

16. actor

17. polar

18. master

19. traitor

20. whenever

* calendar

* error

* popular

* barrier

* director

Math: DOM, measurement and TCAP review

Reading Skills: Historical Fiction, theme, prefixes and suffixes

Vocabulary Words: *students are given a definition test over the words on Friday

1. ancestors

2. despised

3. endurance

4. forfeit

5. honor

6. intensity

7. irritating

8. retreated

9. their

10. they're

Language: DOl, Opinion Writing, sentence fragments and run-on sentences

Science: Chapter 7 Properties of Matter

Social Studies: The Thirteen Colonies

Intervention: Theme

**Look at the buttons below to play games and videos on the skills we are working on this week. Some links to skills are there for additional practice and by popular demand!

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Edulastic Link

Class Code: 5F13C

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Lino Website

Lino Presentation Topics: multiple meaning words

Dr. Wise's Intervention Groups

Lessons and Activities for ELA Intervention Groups

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Class Code: E501D8

Powtoon Website

Powtoon Presentation Topic: Geography of the United States

Cells Cells - Parts of the Cell Rap

Class Code: kzius5 This week: I am so glad that you are in my classroom. Write a few sentences to tell me what you like about school so far. Don't forget to capitalize the first word in your sentence and use the correct end mark.

Name that Shape!

Click on the shape to submit your answer.

Social Studies

Research Activity: Find information about Tennessee's Grand Divisions, make a digital presentation or a poster to display your findings. Use links on our newsletter and/or find your own on the web. Have fun!
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