Marie Curie: A Scientific Pioneer

By: Sylvia Duarte

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born on November 7, 1867. She was raised in Warsaw, Poland. Marie was the youngest out of the 5 Sklodowski children. Marie's name was Madame Curie, but she had many names like ; Marie or Manaya or Madam. Marie excelled at school but she had some issues going into college. Back then girls would not be able to go to school and both of her parents were teachers so they both taught her. Marie was very intelligent and she learned how to read and write early. Marie knew that she wanted to be a scientist so she worked very hard on all of her studies and she read reaps, and heaps of books.

School & Education

Marie went t school,at Sorbonne and there she met her Husband Pierre. They were both scientist. They got to know each other well and they both liked each other and that's why they got married.


Marie and her husband Pierre won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903. And Marie won another one in Chemistry in 1911. Marie & Pierre had 2 daughters Irene, and Eve. Irene won a Nobel Prize as well

Tough Moments

Pierre, Marie's Husband, had died because it was night and it was raining so he didn't see the carriage and it ran over him. Also some rough times when Russia was under control of Poland.

Everyone needed to know how to read, write, & speak Russian

Final Days

Marie Curie died on July 4, 1934. She had leukemia and also because she would be inn her library to much and she would get sick and that is also how she died. The doctors told er to go and rest so she went to rest at London she was very sick and there she passed away. After she died her daughter Eve wrote a biography on her.