Happy Holidays from the Gehrs!

A 2015 Year in Review

Weatherby Lake Gehr Update

Ahhh, it's so nice to be home.....at least, that's what Marji, Jake and Josh think! 2015 was the second year of Marji's career that didn't require travel and it was WONDERFUL! Marji is enjoying her role in public service as the finance officer for a local city. With the government hours of operation, Marji is able to shuttle Jake & Josh to school and arrive home at 5:15 with no evening work required. To fill the evening free time, Marji began her MBA program in the spring and anticipates completion in 2017.

6th Grade has been a great experience for the boys and has included lots of learning in non-core areas like sewing, cooking, foreign language and world cultures in addition to core curriculum learning in STEM and language arts. Homework and study time has increased this year for the home-based Gehr's. We spend a good amount of time on our laptops in the evenings.

To keep things interesting, we have increased the number of pets in our family. Our Labradoodles (Vader & Luke) are loving lake living in Missouri and get to spend lots of time watching the many deer and turkey that make their daily trek through our yard. We still have one hamster (MJ - mini Jake). He's living every bit of his average two year life span. To round out the pets, we have four finches (Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Hawk and Winter).

Our family trips this year included a beach vacation in South Florida and a city vacation weekend in Chicago. Coordinating family travel adventures around our school and work schedules will continue to be a challenge so we are focusing on enjoying the many opportunities within our lake community and local area to enjoy quality family downtime.

Where in the world was Matt in 2015?

2015 proved to be the year of telecom projects for Matt with travel split primarily between clients in Dallas, TX and Basking Ridge, NJ. Project commitments were pretty extensive this year with a Monday-Friday onsite client schedule many weeks of the year. Juggling skills were honed to shift the timing of a few family trips, but balance was achieved, and it was a successful year. Now enjoying time off from work for the Christmas and New Year's weeks before returning to Basking Ridge in January for the next phase in the project.

Share-worthy travel stories of the year:

  • Sat by and bought candy from a nun on a flight from Laguardia to Kansas City (as did many on the flight after the candy sales were announced by the flight attendants)
  • Guitar hand-delivered by grounds crew at Kansas City rather than sending it up the luggage carousel - I swear Kansas City has the friendliest people in the world
  • Declined a prize and photo on a Delta flight - Mets hats are bad mojo for this Cubs, I mean Royals, fan
  • Best brisket EVER at the Pecan Lodge in Dallas

With many years of travel and several million flight miles, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Check out my record mileage day - who says you cannot get exercise on travel days? Tracking steps, eating lean proteins, lots of veggies and limiting high calorie beverages were top priorities to remain healthy and active this year. Weekend mornings begin with an 8 mile journey around the lake - great exercise, especially when we're running the hills. Oh what steep hills we have - name worthy hills. We've enjoyed our quality Matt & Marji time exercising outdoors this year.

Rumor has it that Matt is employed by a private sector global transformation organization........ or so he says! ;)

Making Time for Fun in 2015

Sneak Peek into 2016....

We're kicking off our year at Arrowhead Stadium on January 3rd to watch the Chiefs and Raiders. Thank you Santa!

March will be a busy month with Matt traveling to Florida to attend his brother's wedding while the home-based Gehrs study for finals before Spring Break begins on March 18th. We're heading to the slopes for Spring Break 2016 to enjoy our first ski/sled vacation as a family. Did we mention that Matt will only be home one weekend in March?

We wish our families and friends a very Merry Christmas! Cheers to a happy and healthy 2016!

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