Talon Talk

Volume 4 Issue 19

➡️ Principal's Update ⬅️

Talon Talk 3/8

🦅 Kindness Corner 🦅

Recently we had Random Acts of Kindness Week, which is a week designed several years ago to encourage all of us to be mindful of our actions and intentional about seeking opportunities to be kind to others through acts of kindness or words.

We shared teaching announcements on what kindness looks and sounds like and ideas on how to grow in your kindness to others to make our world, country, state, community, and school be more kind and inclusive of everyone. Even though we are more connected than ever by the internet, loneliness and sadness, depression and hopelessness continue to grow. If you would like to read more from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and get ideas on simple ways to show kindness, click here. And this is yet another list of great, easy ways to be kind and teach your children ways to help others feel good about themselves.

⭐️ Students of the Week ⭐️

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🔷 Counselor’s Corner 🔷

Setting Goals

Goals are important for people of all ages to help us stay focused and moving forward. Particularly in youth, goals have many benefits including the following:

  1. Give focus and purpose: Kids are often frustrated with not being in control of their lives. Setting short term and long term goals gives them something to work toward and plan for giving them skills to problem solve, plan, and some control. Having purpose is powerful in feeling fulfilled and combating sadness and depression.

  2. Boosts self-confidence: As kids see themselves reaching their short term goals, they feel empowered, proud, and more self-confident.

  3. Teaches time management: To reach short term goals, a young person has to learn to manage their time and make adjustments to their plan. This is excellent practice for their future.

  4. Improves motivation: It is human nature to enjoy “crossing the finish line”. As kids see progress, they feel proud and their motivation increases to keep pressing forward.

  5. Provides challenges and teaches coping skills for setbacks and temporary failures: No plan is perfect but working toward a goal teaches kids to accept setbacks and challenges without giving up. Short term goals are crucial because we all need little successes along the way to the big goal.

Sit with your child and discuss something they would like to work toward. (Improving a grade, an athletic achievement, earning money to purchase something, etc.) Ask them what they would have to do to reach that goal and then break their ideas into measurable and attainable short term goals all leading to their big goal. Lots of encouragement, acknowledgement and praises for small victories will keep them excited to keep working and problem solving until they are successful.

📣 Staff Spotlight 📣

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