THS Performing Arts Boosters

July 2018

Student Director's Notes:

Taken from Google classroom...

Hi everyone! Thanks for making it a good precamp! Next week is gonna be even better!

Just a few reminders to help prepare for Hell Week-- I mean, camp week.
* Bring a LOT of water (or prepare to need to take a lot of trips down to Moore's water fountain) Stay hydrated!!
* Make sure you wear very comfortable and supportive sneakers
* Bring a good, ***healthy*** lunch (no chips and soda)-- we will be eating in the middle of the day in Mr. Moore's classroom (also a good time to run over new choreography, but make sure you eat!)
* Be mindful that Thomas and David are working over choreography. Don't waste their time talking over them or in between steps. If you're confused, IT'S OKAY (and tbh I probably am too)!!! They will repeat the steps many times, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask dance captains questions.
* Be prepared to work hard. BUT
* Have fun while you do it :)

And lastly, for next week, we'll be doing spirit days to make Hell Week a little more livable (these are arguably optional)
Monday: Places You've Been (wear souvenir shirts from colleges or sports games or vacations)
Tuesday: Twin day (Mr. Moore, I wanna see you twin with Blair)
Wednesday: On Wednesday's we wear Pink!! (duh)
Thursday: Wacky Tacky... Thursday? (you bet)
Friday: Class colors/show shirt day**
**we get our show shirts on Friday and this is our shortest camp day. But we only wear the show shirts for the performance, so wear your class colors in the morning!!
Class colors...
Freshman-- White
Sophomores-- Grey
Juniors-- Green
Seniors-- Black ("the color of our souls"-- Avery)

Feel free to be as creative as you want with Spirit days!!
Camp week is a super fun time, and many of you are going to see huge improvement from the previous year (and throughout the week as well). We should be excited about this show and the whole coming year ahead. It's going to be fantastic!! Get a good night's rest (I love how I forgot this point up above), and I'll see you next week!!

Upcoming events:

TTSC Summer Camp

Monday, July 30th, 8:30am to Friday, Aug. 3rd, 4pm

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

TTSC camp for all 2018-19 members ! Be sure to arrive by 8:15 so we can get started right at 8:30! We will have camp each day from 8:30-4:00, with the exception of Friday. On Friday, we will have a performance at 11:30am, which will wrap it up for the week.

Choir picnic

Wednesday, Aug. 1st, 5-8pm

5420 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

Come join us to celebrate our choirs! Anyone who has anything to do with any THS choir, or is an alumni of the choir program is welcome to attend! The picnic will be held in Pavillion #2 at Ballenger Creek Park. Cost is $5 per person. Click on the link to RSVP and sign up to bring a dish to share.

TTSC show pre-view

Friday, Aug. 3rd, 11:30am

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

Come watch a preview of our 2018-19 Show "Dancing Through Life" in the auditorium!

TTSC Evening Rehearsal

Wednesday, Aug. 15th, 6-8:30pm

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

TTSC Evening Rehearsal

Wednesday, Aug. 29th, 6-8:30pm

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

Back to School Night Performance

Thursday, Aug. 30th, 6pm

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD

Time may vary to include afternoon rehearsal and performance

Dues for participation:

You can pay the dues for 2018-19 participation with our online payment system. You can also pay with a check made out to THSPAB. Please put any checks in an envelope, clearly marked with what the check is for and the student's name. Please place the envelope in the wooden box in Mr. Moore's room. These dues are needed to help pay for costumes, music and transportation. The fees are as follows:

Show Choir $150.00

Concert Choir $25.00

Mixed Choir $25.00

Click here to access our online payment system.

Contact THSPAB:

Director of Choirs-Terence Moore

President-Chuck Heurich

Vice President-Michele De La Rosa

Secretary-Mary Guzman

Treasurer-Bill Niedringhaus

Parliamentarian-Leslie Strutton