This make j.w.b look fierce

This goes with Looks

The character trait is fierce

This is a indriect quote

"He wanted his excitement by risking the the use of a one shot "pg20

He feel that the one shot pistol will make him seem more honorable.

With STEAL this will be T for thoughts

The character trait is honorable

This is Direct quote

"Booth knew the layout of ford intimately"pg11

This to me make booth weird because he know we're he would walk,sit, step

Steal this would be T for thought

This charter trait is psychotic

This is a direct qoute

"John Wilkes booth awoke depressed" Pg9

Booth woke up depressed he felt as though the confederacy was dead and his days of glory was over

Steal would be T for thoughts

The charter trait is depressed

This a direct qoute

Our precition

I belive that j.w.b will try to escape the city. But will make it out of the city. Also I belive the he will do something or mess up while he is trying to escape. But sense he a risk taker he will get him self hurt. Or get caught in the act by the cop and will be killed by deaf plenty. Also he could kill him him self to not get caught