Clint Tribble

Clint Tribble is Running for U.S. Congress in Tennessee's District 1

In the Tennessean Election of 2016, Clint Tribble is going to stand against Phil Roe. The United States House of Representatives elections in Tennessee will be the most challenging election for the present congress representative Phil Roe, as the District 1's Congressman Review has marked his performance under ‘D’ grade. On the other hand, Clint Tribble a new candidate has planned to complete every activity decided by Donald J. Trump regarding immigration and trading, which can become a positive factor for supporting his promotion among the voters.

The current economic situation of the U.S reflects a shattered phase due to lack of proper planning regarding trade, immigration, fiscal responsibility, and consumer safety. In the last congress meeting, Phil Roe has stated that the condition of the U.S does not reflect any crisis scenario. Hence, Phil Roe has expressed his lack of knowledge in urgency and current condition of the U.S economic position.

The Congress needs a person who will have sufficient knowledge on economic consequences, ability to handle crisis positively, and understand the requirements of further development. Clint Tribble although do not have any political experience still possess knowledge of the current scenario of the U.S and further requirements. Therefore, Tennessee voters need to understand the economic priority and should vote accordingly.

People must vote Clint in order to provide the nation a conservative leader, who will purely concentrate on avoiding fiscal cliff. Clint Tribble has not only plan for development of economic condition he has clearly stated to support the activities of Trump on trading immigration. Furthermore, he has argued on Phil’s statement that construction of wall across the U.S. border is an important action in safety and security concern.

Furthermore, the supporters has stated that the economic plans developed by Clint for congress and the nation are considered as effective which include to bring around 500 companies within few years and increase employment opportunities. The people of District 1 are getting an option through this election to develop overall economic condition. However, why people should vote Clint to develop the economy can be considered as a valid question that can rise among people’s mind.

Trump has positively developed certain plan to increase overall capability by concentrating on trading and immigration. However, Phil Roe in this context has strictly argued that the U.S does not need any further action to develop economic condition, as it already has a stable position. Hence, the economic condition cannot be recovered in case Hillary Clinton is elected for the presidency position, as she will not support to develop security and economic condition of the U.S. Furthermore, to recover from such issues the current situation and policies must be changed and for this Clint for congress need to be elected.