Technology Roadmap

Where we are going!

What is our objective?

Our objective is to assist our students to gain the skills that will support them with their learning outcomes both within school today, and in environments they will encounter in universities and workplaces into the future.

"Rapid and continuing advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing the ways people share, use, develop and process information and technology. In this digital age, young people need to be highly skilled in the use of ICT. While schools already employ these technologies in learning, there is a need to increase their effectiveness significantly over the next decade."

Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians - December 2008

At the forefront of our thinking should also rest our strategic objectives of One School, Personalised Learning, and Quality Teaching and Learning. We need to be using technology to assist us in meeting these objectives.

What are we?

We are a 1:1 Laptop school from Years 5 through to 12. We are a BYOD school (bring your own device) - our students bring their devices to school with them and we assist in the management of these devices by providing software, Web Filtering and End Point Security. Students can select the device they bring to school eg: PC or Mac. We support our students in their use of phones or tablets as companion devices to assist with their studies and will enable connection of these devices on our school network.

We provide devices on a 1:2 basis from Prep to Year 4. In 2014, we will be providing Chromebooks (Years 2-4) and Nexus Tablets in our ELC, Prep and Year 1 classrooms.

What we are not

We are not an iPad school. Our students benefit from the use of computers in their classrooms and it is our job to fully explore the potential of these devices to assist students with their learning. If a student elects to bring an iPad or other tablet as a companion device we will support them with that, but we will not be expecting our parents to purchase a second device.

What will 2014 bring?

In 2014, we will increase our Network bandwidth from 20 MB to 100 MB. This will mean a faster Internet connection and faster downloads supporting the use of Cloud based technologies for learning purposes. In 2013 we upgraded our wireless access points (WAP) throughout the school to assist with Internet access.

We have switched to a managed service for Internet Security and Web Filtering and have a much clearer picture on what is happening within our Network. eg: if you are streaming a large video file from the Internet and taking up a chunk of our bandwidth in the process, we can see who is responsible for this and let you know!

A new phone system will be in place for 2014. This will greatly assist us with communication throughout the College. Calls can be received on the device of your choice - laptop, mobile phone, office phone etc using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

In 2014, we will become a Google Apps for Education school. Our email system will shift to Gmail and our staff and students will all have access to a Google Drive account set up in a Toorak College domain within Google Apps. Your email address will remain as is, and you will use this to sign into your Google Drive account. Google Apps provides up to 30GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, no ads and a service level agreement that promises 99.9% uptime.

Google Apps for Education will provide us with access to a collaborative document suite including Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms and Drawings, offering real-time editing, powerful sharing controls and access to documents across devices. If a student's computer is in for repair, they can access their documents from another device by signing into their account eg: PC/Mac/tablet/netbook/phone.

Why Google Apps?

The management console of Google Apps will enable us to manage Chomebooks, Nexus tablets and the Chrome Web browser. As teachers, you can determine Web apps you would like students to be using at specific year levels and we can push these out to devices from the console located in the IT Department. The single sign on feature of Google Apps will enable our students to use these apps without having to register for a new account.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard will overlay Google Apps, providing an instructional management layer giving you a snap-shot view of student activity across Docs, Sites, Blogger, Gmail, Google+ and Calendars.



iVE will continue to be a very important part of our eLearning platform. Ongoing support will be provided to teachers to make best use of Class pages and components that can enhance the teaching and learning process. It is possible to embed Google Docs and presentations into text boxes and we will be exploring options with the developers of iVE to see how best to integrate Google Apps with our Learning Management System.
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Synergetic is our main school database and is core to the realisation of our One School strategic objective. Synergetic supports and streamlines all operational, financial and business functions of our school and needs to be utilised by all departments with an administrative function involved with these processes. It stores Community data that helps us keep in touch with current families and past students. Synergetic has a key function to assist us to track student progress through the input of relevant data that can then be accessed by our Leadership team, Heads of Year, Learning Support, our School Psychologist and Teachers. In 2014, we will be working with teams across the school to explore how we can be making better use of the modules within Synergetic to improve work processes and do a better job of tracking student data to assist with quality teaching and learning. iVE pulls data from Synergetic eg: timetables, medical information, contact details etc. We will be exploring how we can make better use of Synergetic data within iVE to make it more functional.
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