Panther Page

Junior High

By: Keera Clausen

Favorite Movie

Do you like fish? Then you'll love the movie finding Nemo. It's about Nemo getting dared to go up and touch the "butt" (the boat), and the fisherman on the boat catch him and take him to an aquarium at a dentist office. Marlin, Nemo’s father, has to try and save him. Nemo and his father Marlin meet so many different friends along the way.

Finding Nemo - Trailer

Favorite App

Wanelo stands for want, need, love. With Wanelo you can just look at stuff or you can buy anything from clothing to fish tanks. If you like something, you just click on the item and save it to your profile, and go back later and look at it. You can search any item on Wanelo. You can buy things and you can add things to your account.

Nursery Ryhme

Humpty Dumpty had always wanted to see the the view of all of Los Angeles. So on March 6, 2000, he decided to climb the Great Wall, but when he got to the top he lost his balance. When he got to the ground he knew he had many broken bones. When Humpty was found he was nearly dead. But they didn’t just leave him, they rushed him to the hospital as soon as they could. The doctors said he had so many broken bones he was never able to be put back together.


I would not like school year-round because then we couldn't go to the waterpark as much. If we went year-round we wouldn't have very long breaks. Also, we wouldn't like school very much because we would be bored and wouldn't pay attention. The last reason I wouldn't like school year-round is it would just be to much to have school all the time.

Feature story

There are so many types of fish, but 1,000 are almost extinct. There are almost 30,000 kinds of fish in the world. Just thinking about the different colors of the fish gives me chills.

Most people think that fish don’t communicate, but they do! They have over 50 low pitch sounds to tell the other fish in the school if they are in danger. The fish that is in the middle of the school is usually the controller.

There are so many different sizes and shapes of fish. Most fish are torpedo shaped. All fish except sharks have eyelids. Starfish and Jellyfish are not considered fish. The slowest fish is a seahorse.

Most fish lay eggs, and there’s only about 50 types of fish that don’t lay eggs that scientists know about. The most common water that they live is freshwater or saltwater, but not both.

Although there are many different kinds of fish, there are a lot of fish endangered. There are so many different kinds of fish out in the world. All the colors and types just give me goosebumps.

Trading card story

Have you ever been walking and stumbled upon a turtle dog? Well, Larryette, with eyes like a hawk, has seen a turtle dog. She was just taking a walk in Kindalandia and she happend to see turtle dog derp. She decided to take him home and play with him.

First,she wanted to see where he came from and how he got here, so she went to the library and used the computers and checked out some books to learn more about turtle dog. She learned that he came from Narnia. She didn't find out exactly how he got here.

Second, she wanted to get him checked by a doctor to make sure he was safe to keep as a pet, so she got a little cage for him and loaded him up and took him to the veterinarian. The vet said he was safe, but if you make him mad he will bite. He was nice and happy most of the time.

Third, she wanted to take him out and just play with him. When they got home she made a little play area for him, so he could get away and hide. She finished that and took him out and carefully placed him in the middle, he loved playing and walking around.

All in all, the walk that Larryette took changed her life. Larryette and turtle dog have some of the best times together.

Survey for Favorite Disney Movie

  • Finding Nemo 16%
  • Beauty and the Beast 8%
  • Monsers Inc. 48%
  • Tangled 20%
  • Ice Age4%