Twelfth Night vs. She's the man

CJ Johnson

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Low comedy

This is an example of Low Comedy because Duke put the tampon in his nose because of what Sebastian told him earlier in the movie about tampons.
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Low comedy

“Olivia: How does he love me?
Viola: With adoration, with fertile tears,
With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire.”
― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

This is an Example of Low Comedy because of the exaggeration he uses talking about how in love he is with her.

Differences in She's The Man

  • Toby is Dukes Friend
  • Her brother went to London
  • Her purpose is too play Soccer for the boys team
  • Sebastian is in love with Olivia.

Differences in Twelfth Night

  • Toby is an Uncle
  • Brother and sister were in a ship wreck.
  • Malvolio is locked in a dungeon.
  • Sir Andrew wants to fight.

Similarities in the two versions

  • Viola Fails
  • Viola dresses like a man
  • Olivia doesn't love Duke
  • Olivia loves Sebastian/sasario