Michael Vey

The Prisoner of Cell 25


I was going on vacation, to the beach, with a new friend and her family. At the beach you normally read books, I did not have one. We stopped by her house and her whole family was going in to get a book to read for the car ride and for the vacation. They asked if I would like one too, and I said yes. My friend brought out Michael Vey the Prisoner of Cell 25, I could not put it down until the last page, page 336.

Life or Death?!

In a life or death situation, I would recommend this book! On your last day of being alive this book would be great because it makes you feel like you have special powers. If you have special powers you would be able to avoid dying. You could shoot something with lighting and knock them dead and when you kill something you get extra lives.

Liked & Disliked


  1. I loved the detail it goes in about each character and it explains their background story in detail, you really understand the characters and their lives.
  2. It's very creative and makes everything so real.
  3. I got lost in the book, the author does a great job of making the reader think that you are a part of the story.

  1. Something I did not like very much was how there was so many different characters you kind of had to keep up with.
  2. The ending! It's a great ending and makes you want to read the 2nd book but I wanted to know what happens then!

Connection & Quote

This is one of my favorite quotes because it uses personification and a simile to get this statement across to the reader about how much the electricity hurt them.

"Electricity flashed and Jack and his posse screamed out as they all fell to their backs and flopped about on the grass like fish on land" (Chapter 4, p. 18).

One connection I made from the book was that people are defined by their actions because in the book The Elgen wanted control of everyone and their actions and thinking. In life, I think every person wants control of something that they can't have but they try so hard to get that and it ends up failing because it was not theirs in the first place.


What we learn about humanity and the ways of people by reading your book?

The Elgen are trying to exploit what Michael and his friends have, The Elgen are trying to take something good that is not theirs away from people that are doing good and turning it into something bad. This reflects humanity and how we act today because there is always good people and there is always bad people, which relates to this book because The Elgen want what Michael has for themselves. They were evil and thought that power should be theirs so nobody could be against them and Michael was a superhuman and that is what The Elgen wanted for their selfish needs. I learned from this book that humanity is defended by the decisions they make or how the carry themselves.