French Revolution

Revolution begins

Background Information

The king is very weak from fighting the seven years war and supporting the U.S in there revolutionary war, Which made the king very weak in the people of Frances eyes because of the economic crisis.


Through the time of 1740-1790 the population almost doubled and the land lords doubled the prices of land as well causing the poor lower class to go hungry and have to work more to pay for rent or to buy land. Which made the lower class upset and they started to rally and band together against the less powerful king. On the July, 14th 1789 revolutionist stormed the Bastille fortress which is a symbol of royal power in France, and is the marking of the end of monarchy and Frances independence day, and in 1793 the king was beheaded with 16,000 others


The importance of the french revolution allowed France to step out of the monarchy age and step into a declaration which said " men are born and remain free and equal rights", even though it left out blacks and women.

After the Revolution

In 1799 Napoleon a french general over through the french directory who then declares himself emperor of France. Later on he takes over the holy roman empire and renames it the french confederation. Later on he captures Spain and Portugal