7th Grade Year

By Zakary Gragson

Best Class Ever

This class was my favorite because we used many tools such as Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Word. It gave me new tools for my future.

We have also been using websites that calculate our WPM or our Words Per Minute. Since the beginning of my 7th grade year I've gotten faster at typing and have stronger in my typing.

I will always love this class.

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This year with coach Soliz's math class was very useful. He taught us the ins and outs of the math book and even gave us important tricks we could use in the future.
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Old Stuff

Coach's class we learned about the history of Texas and the many great lessons in its history. Now at the end of the year we are preparing for next years history test, so we are watching Liberty's Kids an informational cartoon that puts us in their shoes.
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Can We Blow Something up Now?

This years science class was pretty dull except for the occasional projects. This class was full of test and quizzes.
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Write Write Write Write All We Do is Write...

Mrs. Marshall's class was a fun class. we got to do all kinds of cool writing's and even do some projects to explain our writing. I will forever and always miss this class.
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Go Fight Win

Athletics was an amazing time we had a lot of victories but also some losses. We had overall 3 district titles in Football, Track, and basketball.
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Band was very fun this year we got better at our ability to play. We played four pieces and they were all very fun and intresting.
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