French Wars



Prince De Condé put his forces in strategic locations and made contracts with Protestant leaders in Germany, England for money and troop. Because the permanent Royal Forces were located along the Hapsburg boundaries, the leader of France, Catherine De' Medici, was forced to use the Guise family for assistance. The Guise family asked for help from the Pope and Phillip II of Spain. The Protestant Army was well dug-in and efforts to regain towns were inefficient. The Catholics captures Condé, and forced the Protestant Army to Orléans, which would later be overtaken.


The main event that started French Wars was the Massacre of Huguenots in Vassy, France, in 1562. The massacre of the Huguenots was committed by the servants of the Guise family, members of the Roman Catholic Church.


1562 Forces of Duke of Guise massacre Protestants at Vassy

1563 Treaty of Amboise ends First War

1567-1568 Second War

1568-1570 Third War

1568 Treaty of Longjumeau ends Second War

1569 Peace of St. Germain ends Third War

1572-1573 Fourth War

1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre


The massacre of Bartholomew started the ending of the war in 1972. The Huguenots were granted freedom of religion and Civil Rights, but their church faded in France.

Key Figures/Groups

Condé- Protector of the churches

Guise Family- Important family in the Roman Catholic Church

Cathryn De Medici- Queen of France and sided with The Roman Catholic Church

Catholics- Against the Huguenots

Huguenots- People forced to defend themselves

Cardinal De Lorraine- Commander of the Royal Forces

Main Signifigance

The main significance of these conflicts was to settle a conflict between two religions. the conflict was as all conflicts went at that time period, the Catholics were mad that the Protestants changed their religion and wanted payback.