Tristan's Twelve Talents!

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"Tristan Barraclough, a unique 13 year old boy, has 12 unique talents that even the President acn't do!"

Tritan Barraclough, a humble boy who lives around the Bristol area, has 12 talents that are truly unique and special to his family; all related to either a) gaming or b) expressive arts or c) scientifical experiments.

Samples of Works:

"I am Pleased with the Progression with Youniverse Especially" - Tristan Barraclough

"He's like the Doctor from Dr. Who - but without the getting younger - he stays young!"

Tristan, in 2020 developed a potion that retrains your age! This has now worked for over 50 years now, and would be 70 now - but remains at a young age!

"I also own a website!" is updated almost every week with new content!

Other Works:

- The Kids Perspective

- Project: Tiger of Art

- The Kid Movie Project

- DS Pi

- Giimote (Wiimote on Computer)

- Hub89