Movie Fact or Fiction: Pocahontas

By: Kevin Cruz

Pocahontas Movie Summary

Pocahontas the movie takes place during the 1600's during the finding of the "New World". Capt. John Smith and his Sailors from New England come into the new world to scavenge for resources and gold however, the story also revolves around a love story between Capt. John Smith (settler) and Pocahontas. While the romance between Pocahontas and Smith is prevalent. Violence, disagreement and ignorance is called upon between the English settlers and the native Americans as well.

Reason I Chose This Movie

I enjoyed this movie's animation and the idea of how sailors and settlers thought the natives were bad while the natives thought the americans were equally as bad as well on both sides. I also find the natives to be interesting


This movie portrayed some politically correct history correctly. Starting to when sailors go over to the new world looking for gold, spices, etc. That was indeed true the British came into the new world during the early 1600's. Another accurate fact was that the British sailors would only eat biscuits during their voyages and in the movie claimed they had been eating biscuits for "4 months straight". The British also actually did call the Natives savages because they thought they were killers or crazy in their eyes. And Kocoum actually did die by the British, but it was not an accident when John Smith accidentally shot him in the film.


The love story between Pocahontas and John Smith were altered to fit the whole "love theme" of the story. Pocahontas was only 10 when the British came into the new world and her and John Smith were not even romanitically involved. In real life however, she did in fact marry an English tobacco planter by the name of John Rolfe. Also the British seemed very hostile and seemed like their main priorities were to steal resources and kill Native Americans until the end of the movie. Kocoum, the native Pocahontas was supposed to marry but never did in the movie were actually married before She met John Rolfe.

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Accuracy Scale

2-3 - Mildly Somewhat Accurate:
The movie has historically accurate facts in the movie for a lot of aspects but the romance between Pocahontas and Smith was inaccurate because they were never together and just changed it to fit for a love story. They should've made a love story with John Rolfe and Pocahontas instead, and make the sailors (besides John Smith) to seem less hostile.
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